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The school was founded in 1981 and is one of the most appreciated schools for teaching Italian; the school provides a wide choice of language and cultural courses in small groups. You learn quickly with expert, enthusiastic teachers constantly at your disposal.
An intimate friendly relaxed and caring school, with a welcoming atmosphere, where personal attention is our speciality: our administration staff and teachers, always have time for you.

The school is located in an elegant 19th century building, just in the central square of Bagno di Romagna with 8 light, comfortable and well equipped classrooms, a self – study room, free wireless Internet, so be sure to bring your laptop PC, student coffee area, free library and easy access for disabled people.

Our facilities

8 classrooms

Self study room

Free Wi-Fi

Student Coffee Area

Free Library


Travel assistance and welfare service

Our Partner Hotel (Hotel Sant'agnese)

24h Emergency Support


You can be sure of the high standards of teaching; well trained, highly qualified teachers recruited not only for their teaching ability and their warm personalities, but also for the wide range of interests and skills.
We provide a service which is friendly, professional and supportive, a total Italian environment where you can hear and speak Italian all day.
Our friendly teachers, using a variety of classroom activities, will increase your Italian speaking confidence and enable you to speak more fluently and with accuracy. You learn Italian better when you are relaxed and having fun. That why our teachers create a positive classroom environment, where you feel comfortable speaking. Our whole team of staff is dedicated to providing you with excellent courses in a warm, friendly and professional environment, as well as caring for every aspect of your stay.



School director together with Sylvia, in charge of management, courses and teaching staff.
She develops the School’s academic programmes and organizes extra-class activities. She studied Languages at the University of Bologna and she has more than 20 years teaching experience. She has travelled a lot and therefore has a love of other cultures and languages that makes her job a pleasure! You’ll find her in the class-room or in the reception in charge of operational management.


School director together with Dida  she develops academic programmes, organizes extra-class activities and runs school management. 
She is passionate about travel, languages, learning things from different cultures. She says that her greatest pleasure in working at Scuola Palazzo Malvisi is seeing the progress that students make during their stay and knowing that teachers and staff have helped them to achieve this.


Mrsalessia Teacher


Mrsdelia Teacher


Mrssara Teacher


Mrssilva Teacher


Mrroberto Teacher



Scuola Palazzo Malvisi – Bagno di Romagna is founding Memeber of AIL
(Accademia Italiana di Lingua) and is an official examination centre for the AIL exams.
AIL is the professional association of schools, institutions and experts in the field of teaching Italian as a foreign language. The association’s main office is located in Florence, Italy.

The AIL initiated the first diploma of modern Italian which effectively tests the language abilities of the candidates.
The AIL organizes preparation courses for every level in all of their exam centers.