We take care of the accommodation we arrange for our clients. We can offer a wide selection of friendly families, nice apartments and hotels, with the option of either a single or double room (double rooms are guaranteed only for 2 people enrolling together).

The accommodation, personally selected and regularly visited by our own staff, is provided from Sunday before the beginning of the course (on request, from Saturday at extra charge) until the Saturday after the end of the course.


Selected host families in a range of a distance of 5/30 minutes walking or 5 minutes by bus, from the school. The families providing accommodation are warm, open and enthusiastic about spending time with their guests who can practice Italian.

The rooms for students are comfortable: it is possible to choose a single or double room (double room is guaranteed only for 2 people enrolling together).
For an extra fee, host families will provide half board.

Single Room and Breakfast1-3
190€ per week

Double Room and Breakfast1-2-3
170€ per week (per person)

Studio Apartment

This option is a suitable solution for an independent lifestyle.
Selected apartment in a range of a maximum distance of 5/30 minutes walking or 5 minutes by bus from the school.
Well furnished and fully equipped with kitchen and bathroom. Blanket and towels provided.

Change of linen, electricity, gas are included in the price. Heating cost is not included.

Studio/Apartment for 1 person
290 € / 500 € per week

Studio/Apartment for 2 persons2 only 420 € / 600 € per week


Alto Savio Camping  is located 2 km far from the School and it is fitted up with an extended equipped and shaded area, made up of 69 pitches for campers, caravans and the everlasting tents.
The camping is equipped with restrooms, hot showers and laundry service. It is also available a snack bar with a small catering service.

Visit Camping Alto Savio for more info.

Agriturismo and Country House

“Living in the nature!”
For those who love a green environment of woods, we can offer a choice of accommodation in single or double room in Agriturismo or in apartment, for a relaxed, restoring holiday surrounded by nature.
These accommodations are in a range of 5/8 kms from the school and it is easy to reach the centres of Bagno di Romagna or San Piero by car.

For further details visit:


Bagno di Romagna is a very important touristic place, well known for its Spa.
The three modernly equipped spa buildings Terme Santa Agnese, Euroterme and Terme Roseo support the traditional range of treatments offering the possibility of specialistic therapy.
In addition to the three Spa Hotels there are a wide choice of hotels for all requirements.

Hotel single room4 price on demand

Hotel double room4 price on demand


The B&B "Ca' Serafina" and “Dormire al Roma” are located in  elegant buildings in Piazza Ricasoli, in the centre of the ancient town of Bagno di Romagna, adjacent to the Scuola Palazzo Malvisi, close to the main street of the village and the National Park.

Ca' Serafina:
The structure has 12 rooms (single, double and triple) with private bathrooms, lift, Wi-Fi, living room for reading meeting and conversation. Large parking lot with garden area. 

Albergo Roma:
The Hotel Roma has 12 rooms (single and double) and breakfast is served in a lovely dedicated room. Guests can take advantage of some dedicated services by the River22 sport center: free access to the fitness room and tennis court tennis/soccer; 50% discount on tennis lessons with FITP teacher (by reservation).