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Our school is friendly, intimate and professional, an ideal location for students who prefer to stay in a small town and live as part of a family. We offer a solid and considerable experience of language teaching and many of our students have returned time after time to our school, and they have recommended us to their friend, colleagues and relatives.
We are now welcoming students from the second generation of some families.
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The school was founded in 1981 and is one of the most appreciated schools for teaching Italian. Learn Italian in Italy with our Italian language and culture courses in Bagno di Romagna.
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We offer a variety of structured courses to meet your needs, ensuring you make rapid progress and achieve your learning goals: we offer all levels from beginner to advanced courses for small groups of students, for universities and adults.
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We take care about the accommodation we arrange for our client. We can offer a wide selection of friendly families, nice apartments and hotels.

About Bagno di Romagna

Bagno di Romagna is a nice spa town:  large enough to find plenty to do and  to have all the facilities of a big town but small enough that you should never feel lost!
The pureness of the natural elements, the warmth of the hot waters, the intensity of the food, the friendliness of a small mountain community and the high quality of the services, built through a long experience in hospitality, are the essence of a land that introduces you to history, wellness, wild nature, tasty food and religious meditation: this is an ideal location for the need to combine the love of the Italian language and culture with an environment of positive and effective learning.
The beautify of the town is simply a backdrop to what we do best, that is, teaching the language. 
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